Monday, November 25, 2013

Four Months Old!


Date: 11/25/2013

Age: 4 Months

Weight: 14 lbs 0 oz

Height: 25 ½ inches

Head Circ.: 40.32 cm

Eating: He eats 4-6 oz every 2-3 hours

Sleep: His bed time is around 9:00 to 10:00. He sleeps through the night and wakes up around 7:00am.

Likes: Laughing and smiling, his jumperoo, Elmo, his keys, TV

Dislikes: being sick and coughing

Milestones: looking to both sides, hand/eye coordination with grabbing toys, kicking feet up, shaking toys, holding his head up for very long periods of time during tummy-time, tracking toys and people, jumping and standing with assistance, sitting straight with guidance, very close to rolling over!  

being silly with daddy before taking the 4 month old pictures

Hey Mom! Just hanging with my daddy!

ooohh you say I'm four months old, mommy?

wooohoo I'm such a big boy!

Watch this karate combo mom! Pow!

Hiii-yah! watch out owl, I'm four months old! 

ooo! Mom did you see me kick the owl? 

Boom! Knocked that owl right out!

Just kidding mom! I love that owl!

Look at that bottom lip! This kid already knows how to get everything he wants!

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