Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Baptized Baby

Anthony's baptism was on March 23rd, and it took me this long to post the pictures and video! Oops! Things have been super busy around the Mango house lately, and hopefully will start to slow down soon. 

I was so sure that Anthony would be the oldest baby being baptized that day... since I waited until he was eight months old. When we got there and saw the other three kids being baptized my worries were calmed since Anthony was the youngest.. by years! 

However, that wasn't the only worry I had for the day... 

I was so nervous for Anthony to be in church for the first time. There are places where it is expected for children to sit quietly and be respectful, and church is certainly one of those places. Yes, I do understand that it was a baptism and everyone there would understand if Anthony was noisy, but I didn't want all heads to turn and look at us if we had to calm him down. 

 The morning didn't start out the best, he wouldn't nap, was super cranky, and was yelling a lot. Needless to say, I was stressed just thinking about how he was going to act in church. I had mentally prepared myself for a total baby meltdown. The diaper bag was packed with all of Anthony's favorite distractions... his Elmo, slinky, keys, monkey blanket and Sophie. I was anticipating the worst, and I was ready for anything Anthony might do! 

Luckily, Anthony was hands down the most amazing baby throughout the whole service. He didn't make a peep and just happily went along with everything that was going on. It was a great day, everything was beautiful! 

And now, I introduce the newly baptized baby, Anthony Joseph Mango! 

Anthony with his amazing God Parents- Uncle John and Aunt Lauran

Video- Anthony's Baptism
Video- Funny Tissue Mess

... Now that his Baptism is over, I have to start thinking about his first birthday in a few months. How crazy is that?!

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