Monday, September 16, 2013

My not so little boy

I now understand when people say "don't blink" when referring to how fast kids grow up. Seriously, when did Anthony get so big? He is such a little chunker these days. This past week he has officially grown out of newborn shirts and onesies and moved up to size 0 to 3 months. You would think that his whole body would move up to the same size... but nope. The funny thing is he still wears newborn pants, ha! The kid has such a Buddha belly that he is two different sizes for tops and bottoms! I'm not sure how much he weighs currently, but the last time we were at the doctor (for his one month check-up) he had gained a pound in a week. We don't go back to the doctor to check his weight until his two month appointment. I am willing to bet that he is close to 10 pounds now.

What happened to my little peanut that didn't even fit in newborn clothes? Stop growing so fast little one! I better not blink because before I know it he is going to be going off to school!

okay... maybe he isn't growing THAT fast, but it sure does feel like it!

He has also been getting really good at lifting his head up. I am such a proud mama! Check out the video of him I posted on my youtube account (you can check back there often because I am going to start posting a lot of videos)
VIDEO- click here to watch

Oh hey Mom :) 

a quick time-out to snack on the sheets

oops, I forgot which end I was trying to lift up! let me try again.... 

There we go, aren't I so cute!?


  1. He is so precious Kels! Love from DC!Cant wait to see him again :)
    Give Anthony some hugs for me
    xoxo Auntie Alicia