Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pinterest-Inspired Photo Shoot

When Anthony was three weeks old, Joe and I wanted to take some pictures of him. I found the best idea on Pinterest (where all the best ideas are started).

To make it look like a more professional shoot, you tape up a "backdrop" to the wall and floor. For our backdrop we used a table cloth, but you could also use wrapping paper, a sheet, a thin blanket.. etc. They're not perfect, but here are the pictures we ended up with. (Hopefully I get better at taking pictures with time!)

(P.S. make sure you have an extra blanket/diapers handy if you're planning on doing cute naked baby shots. . . Anthony thought he was a funny guy and decided to go to the bathroom on our props lol)

big yawn!

With all of his friends :)

Are we done yet mom?

My handsome boy

He thinks I'm pretty funny

cute little butt :)

"YO mom get me some milk!"

He looks big in the other pictures... this one where Joe is moving him around shows just how tiny he was 

Oh hey owl, you want to be friends while mom is setting up for the next picture?

ooo look over there, owl! 

best friends


  1. Beautiful. Congrats on the precious cargo.

  2. I just found your blog and I am in love with it! Anthony is adorable. I love the photos. Enjoy your swwet little guy. It goes by too quick!

  3. Hi Kelsey, this is Corinne... I used to work for Anthony's "Poppy" and he sent me the link to your blog. Anthony's such a lucky boy to have such awesome parents. I've enjoyed reading your honest & heart-felt messages and look forward to the photos. Enjoy this really special time! He'll be a crazy teenager sooner than you know it! God bless and lots of love. (Congrats to Auntie Lauran on her engagement too! Poppy left our dept so I'll have to get the update from him!)

  4. He is beautiful! Great pictures! What a doll!