Sunday, February 23, 2014

Beautiful Day for a party!

Finally, nice weather! This poor child has been cooped up for months and has only seen the light of day when running out to the car to go to the doctors. Joe and I are protective parents, and I am pretty sure if we could make Anthony a bubble child, we would. Okay, maybe it's not that bad... but we have not wanted to take him out this winter at all unless absolutely necessary.

Today we celebrated Anthony's Poppy's birthday. It was in the 50's but felt more like 100 compared to the weather we have been used to lately. Anthony took his first stroll outside around Mimi and Poppy's neighborhood. He cracks me up when he drives his cars around. He just looks like such a big boy! And yes... the word car in that sentence was plural. Anthony is so spoiled. He has a car at every house. One at Mimi's one at Grammy's and one at our house. Lucky little boy!

We saw a little girl on our walk around the neighborhood in a matching pink car, but Anthony wanted nothing to do with her. I guess he is staying true to his cute girlfriend Antonella back home. What a little gentleman.

Mr. Cool out for his afternoon joy ride

Feelin' the breeze in his hair 

My handsome guys!

Silly Aunt Lauran

"Haha you're crazy Auntie, I love you, but you're crazy"

Mimi and Poppy

Seriously, how hilarious is this. He is like a little old man driving around

"Look Ma I found a leaf!"

Love love love

Anthony seems to be a little confused. He forgot for a moment that he was at Mimi's house and instead thought he was at an audition to become the newest member of Kiss. I think he would have been a shoe-in. 

Trying to get Anthony to laugh but he wasn't having it

"Woah! What is THAT?"

"Mom why is that fire coming so close to me. Help me mom!"

Tonight when we got home, Anthony was in his diaper on the floor while I got his pajamas ready. I looked over and he rolled to his stomach, put his knees to his chest and inched across the floor. Even though it was one single inch worm movement, I freaked out! And of course when I started video taping him, he did not feel the need to continue. Our little almost seven month old is going to be scooting around the house very soon! Time to start baby proofing everything!


  1. He is absolutely precious! It's amazing how fast he's grown!

  2. I just want to eat him up. He is as beautiful as his parents and extended family. Great Job.

  3. I just want to eat him up. He is as beautiful as his parents and extended family. Great Job.