Monday, May 26, 2014

Ten Months Old

We have just entered the double-digit months! This is crazy! 

Date: 5/25/2014

Age: 10 Months

Weight:  19 lbs  0 oz

Height:    29 3/4 inches

Head Circ.:  42 cm

Eating: He eats every 2 hours. Three times a day he eats baby food and the other feedings he eats 3-5 oz of milk mixed with cereal thickened to a nectar consistency.

Sleep: He starts his night-time feeding at 8:30 and goes to bed right after that. He usually wakes up anywhere from 5:30 to 6:30 am.

Likes: Walking by holding our fingers, music, going outside, Daddy’s guitar, peek-a-boo, people-watching

Dislikes: tummy-time, not getting what he wants, being out of his routine 

Milestones: Eating small bites of “puffs”, making more consonant sounds, knowing cause and effect of toys, learning to sit from stomach position

Please don't mind the extreme shine on Anthony's face. I made the mistake of taking his pictures right after his bath. That doesn't sound like it would be a problem, but we always lather him up with a ton of lotion after bath-time. It makes for super soft baby skin, but not great pictures. Oops! 

"I'm gonna get your piggies....." I love this age, it's so easy to crack him up.

funny little man!

"AHHHH"! This is the little boss-man of our house... and he is sure to let us know when we're not doing something to his liking... (like taking a million month pictures) 

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