Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Beach for MDW

Anthony had his first ever beach trip during Memorial Day Weekend. We were nervous that he might not like the sand, because sometimes he gets fussy when sitting on the grass. I think its sensory overload for him. But, luckily, he L-O-V-E-D the beach. It was hard to take pictures of him because he was not at all interested in what we were doing.. he was infatuated with the sand, water, and people-watching of course. 
 I can't wait to take many more trips this summer to Mimi and Poppy's beach house!

VIDEO-First time at the beach
I love to watch him experience new things for the first time! 

Beach bum! The sun knocked him out!

Yep. My son is a professional at sandcastles already... he decided to make Elmo for his first try. wink wink. 

hmm Mom I wonder what this sand tastes like?

Ew yuck yuck, it is disgusting! 

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