Sunday, July 27, 2014

One - part 2

Date: 7/25/2014

Age: 12 Months

Weight: 21 lbs   0 oz

Height:   30 inches

Head Circ.:  43.81  cm

Eating: His feeding schedule is slowly changing- he is trying new food; eggs, granola bar, oatmeal. He is still drinking formula and eating baby food puree every two hours.

Sleep: He starts his night-time feeding around 7:00-8:00 pm, and goes to bed right after that. He usually wakes up around 5:30-6:00 am. 

Likes: Disney Junior, laughing, reading books, playing with new toys, going on walks, giving hugs and kisses, sand and water

Dislikes: When we sign “all-done”, being alone, when we pretend to sleep, strangers, teething again

Milestones: pulling from sit to stand, putting items in containers and taking them out, starting to self feed with puffs (We’re almost at a full puff)

I also promised to put up Anthony's first birthday party pictures! We planned a Sesame Street themed party, and I went a little Pinterest crazy! Thankfully, my family fully supports my desire to have everything over-the-top and creative, and they joined in to make a very magical first birthday for my son. My amazing husband, Mom, Dad and sister personally went above and beyond with anything I asked them to do for the party (and I didn't expect anything less!) They spent countless hours working on painting and putting things together for this party so it would look just like I showed them on Pinterest. I also want to thank the people that made the delicious food for the party and those who came early to help set up and stayed later to help clean up- it did wonders for my stress level!! Luckily the party was at my Mom's house and she took on a lot of the responsibility of getting things set up, so when it came to a cranky baby I could worry about him and not have to worry about the party too.

All-in-all it was an awesome party! Too bad he won't remember any of it, but that's what he has me for- the documenter :).  I must say that I thought I would have taken a ton more pictures and videos of the day than I actually did. . . I guess that is a good sign-the party was so much fun that I forgot to take the time to snap a billion pictures.

But, don't worry.. I still did take a bunch- just not a billion.

I may have left out the small detail that there were over 100 people at his birthday- quite the celebration indeed!

So handsome!

Play time for the lovebirds 

Woah, woah who is this? The Elmo I know is a few inches tall and I can throw him around....

Happy Birthday little man!

Hmm this is new! 

It's your party you can cry if you want to! I would cry too if I had over 100 people watching me eat! 

All partied out 

It took us two sittings to open all of these gifts! Such a spoiled little boy. 

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