Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July and Beach weekend

Happy 4th of July! Today was a pretty crappy day, weather-wise. But, thankfully the rain held out long enough for Anthony to enjoy his first parade! He loved it!

look at that face! 

Someone is excited for their first 4th of July parade!

Happy birthday 'Merica! Anthony celebrates your independence with jorts. Classy, classy boy! 

Always on the move-and you can see he is wearing his new blue braces under his socks- I promise I will get to posting about them soon! 

Okay, seriously, I'm not a bad mom. I DO brush my son's hair, but it is wild and has a mind of its own! This cracks me up, business on the right, party on the left!

Hanging with his Mimi and Poppy

Smooches from his great-mom mom

Yay 4th of July is fun!!
The rain didn't stop us

Last Weekend:

June 30th was our two year anniversary. We went to OCNJ to hang out for the weekend with my side of the family. Anthony is such a beach bum! He loves everything about it, the water, the sand, getting messy, people watching.... but he hates napping on the beach! And, we hate that he hates napping on the beach, ha! Long gone are the days when we could just recline our chairs and soak up the sun while listening to music without a care in the world. 

This is how we do the beach now that Anthony is here:

1. Wake up at the crack of dawn- feed him, change him and play. 
2. Eat breakfast while still entertaining him
3. Try to pack the whole house up to take to the beach. Okay, it's not the whole house, but it sure does feel like it!
4. Once everything is ready, and you think you're all set to leave- Anthony needs his morning nap. Rock him, feed him and wait an hour. 
5. Finally get out the door around 11.
6. Drive to the beach (that is a bike-ride distance) because of all the crap we have to bring
7. Drag everything onto the beach and find a spot 
8. Put up the tent
9. Set up all of the toys and play- and... do NOT blink. Because the second you blink he will have sand in his mouth, or a mouth full of salt water, or a tasty combination of both. He may have even face-planted into the sand. Fun stuff.. ha! 
10. Feed him again
11. Rock him to sleep and then don't move for over an hour or you're going to have to start again. 

Okay, so typing all of that made it sound a little like it's not actually fun going to the beach with a baby. Don't get me wrong, it is tons of fun, but it is in no way relaxing anymore. But, I love that Anthony likes the beach!! 

Saturday we planned a "pool day" with Anthony and then we went to the board walk so he could ride his first ride! 
"Excuse me, waitress? I'll take a tall bottle of milk please!"

Anthony and Joe after his first Elephant ride! He liked it, but threw up after. I think it was a little too much spinning for him. 

Aarrgh! Pirate Anthony!

Since this trip was actually for our two year anniversary- we had a date night planned for Saturday night. Joe arranged a limo to pick us up and go to Atlantic City where we ate dinner and saw the comedy show Impractical Jokers. 

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