Monday, October 7, 2013

A Weekend Full of Firsts

We have been non-stop since Friday! It has been a crazy jam-packed weekend to say the least....and the crazy is spilling over into this upcoming week as well! I finally found a quiet second to type this post. Hubby is asleep, and Anthony is cozy in his big boy crib. Now it's mommy's turn to unwind while typing to the faint sounds of Anthony's Baby Einstein crib music.


Anthony had his first sleepover at Mimi and Poppy's house! Joe and I had a wedding to go to (two great friends finally tied the knot!) and their reception was close to my parent's house. So, we decided that we wanted to enjoy ourselves and not have to worry about driving home. It worked out that my parents (and sister) watched Anthony while we partied the night away. We had so much fun, but honestly every few minutes we would either start a conversation about Anthony or check our phones to see if we had a new cute picture of our handsome man. We missed him so much! Luckily my dad picked us up and took us to his house to sleep the night with our boy. Anthony had tons of fun at his first sleepover, he watched sesame street on the I-Pad and slept in Poppy's arms.
Picture with my little man before the wedding

My handsome husband- the best man at the wedding :)
beautiful bride and groom! Such a wonderful wedding :)

Yummy Cookie Monster!

So Cozy in Poppy's Arms

Saturday Night

Anthony spent his first night in his big boy crib. Until that night, he had been sleeping in a bassinet next to my side of the bed. In all honesty, he should have probably moved to his crib a week or so ago, but it has been hard for me to let go! He is way too big for the bassinet now and needs more room to wiggle around. I knew it had to be done, so I packed up the bassinet and put it away. That moment was so sad, it's hard when he becomes too big for things (newborn clothes too) because it means I won't get to use them again for a while until we think about having more kids. Stop growing up so fast Anthony! Like any parent I love when my child sleeps through the night without crying, but that night I secretly wished that he might be a little sad so I could chalk it up to him missing me way too much. But, nope... he was perfectly fine in his big boy crib a whole room away from his mommy. He is such a wiggle worm too because I placed him with his head facing the left side of the crib... and when he woke up at 5:30 am he was completely turned around and his head was facing the right side. Crazy little man. I think he might just be fooling us all and walking around in his crib at night while we think he is sleeping ;).

VIDEO- First Night in Crib

Sunday- day

Anthony's first Buddy Walk! It was such an amazing day filled with lots of love. We prepped the night before by rolling up all of the team shirts and putting Down Syndrome loom bracelets around them. 

We had over 40 people walking with us! I honestly never could have imagined that much support, thank you so much to everyone that came out! Our team raised a total of $2,660 for CHOP's Down Syndrome program! Can you believe it?  That blew by our original goal that we set for our team of $1,000. Go Anthony's Avengers! I already can't wait until next year :). 
My superhero! 

Thank you everyone that came to walk with us!

Sunday- Night

Right after the buddy walk we zoomed home to make it in time for Anthony's first professional photoshoot. He is getting bigger everyday so I wanted to make sure I capture these moments. A family member on my side, Monica, does an amazing job taking pictures! She came over to our house with tons of props to shoot our little man. I had a lot of specific shots in mind, but Anthony had a really long day and didn't cooperate for too long. Hopefully some of the shots come out, I know Monica will work her magic!

The rest of this week...

Today (Monday) we had Anthony's second hearing test. He had one done while he was in the NICU, but he failed. We weren't too concerned with his failing score because the doctor said it was not his favorite hearing test and not many babies passed on their first try. So, we had to go back to the hospital we once "lived" at to get another hearing test done. I had no idea what to expect... in my head I pictured them putting miniature headphones on Anthony and asking him to raise his hand every time he heard a beep! What really happened was she put a tube like device in Anthony's ear. One ear at a time. He hated when she jammed it into his ear, who could blame him? She said that waves were transmitted from the device into Anthony's ear and they bounced back into the device where they were recorded. I am sure the way she explained it to me was much more technical, but since it is now 1:00 am .... that is all I really remember! The tricky part was that Anthony had to be completely still and quiet. HA! You try telling a cranky baby to not move and stop breathing so loud... yeah okay lady. Needless to say... we didn't get a chance to finish all of the tests required so we had to make another appointment. However, he did pass the two "harder" tests that she gave him while he was still sleeping. Wahoo! 

Good Night! 

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