Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Happy!

Well, today marks the last day of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and it's also Halloween! I am pretty proud of all that we accomplished for our first DSA month, and am so thankful for all that YOU have done as well :). Recently, the amazing school district where Joe and I both attended (and met), and where we both work now, has started participating in DSA month. Students and teachers have been making yellow and blue loom bracelets to sell within the district for a dollar each. So far, they have raised over $100, and want to donate it to the National Down Syndrome Society in Anthony's name. How wonderful is that? It is hard to express how much that means to our family. We are so thankful to be surrounded by such support and love.

To keep everyone updated...

Last Thursday (the 24th) we had Anthony's first physical therapy evaluation. I haven't had a chance to write about how it went until tonight. We were so excited to meet Anthony's therapist, and show her all of the awesome things he has been working on. She was very impressed!

Since Anthony was born, he has preferred turning his head to the right and not the left. He always looks that way during both sleep and play. We were a little concerned, and brought it up to the therapist. She said that he had a mild case of infant torticollis. She showed us some exercises to do with him after every diaper change to work on those muscles, just two pretty basic stretches. (You can see them in his PT video link at the end). She also told us that when Anthony lays on his back, we can place a rolled up dish towel behind his shoulders. Right now, he has difficulty working against gravity to bring his arms up from that position. The towel behind his shoulders will give him that extra support so he can lift his arms up to reach for toys and bring his hands to his mouth.

Aside from those two things we will work on now, Anthony is exactly where he should be! He has great stomach strength, and she did not notice a floppy disposition at all. Woohoo! As of now, Anthony will be receiving in-home PT every other week.

On Monday, Anthony was scheduled to complete his hearing test from last month that he did not finish. We were nervous because last time the technician told us that Anthony was "breathing too heavy" and she couldn't complete the test. We did not have high hopes for a calm, quiet baby this time either. But, Anthony proved us wrong. He did a great job and passed with flying colors. Go Anthony! Honestly, I admit that he was only calm this time thanks to his new found obsession: his Elmo stuffed animal.  He loves that thing. It is perfect size for his little hands and he loves to feel the fur on his face. Elmo is already starting to look pretty ratty from all of the love, and we haven't had him that long! I think this is going to be the toy that we will need to stock up on, just in case we ever need backup! This Elmo puts him right to sleep, and calms him down if he is fussy. It is pretty cute. I already found myself wishing I had another Elmo to give him today. He threw up all over Elmo, and then I had to wash him. A couple hours later he was fussy and I knew that Elmo would do the trick... but he was still wet. So, I had to sit upstairs and blow dry Elmo so Anthony could snuggle him and go back to sleep. Oh the life of a mommy!

Happy Halloween everyone! (We are having our family over this weekend for a Halloween party so we didn't have to drive all over tonight to show off Anthony's costume. Pictures to come this weekend!)

VIDEO-Anthony's first pumpkin patch visit
VIDEO-Anthony's Physical Therapy Evaluation
VIDEO-Anthony loving on Elmo
VIDEO-Anthony playing

Some pictures of our little man from the past 2 weeks:
The room where Anthony had his PT Evaluation

Taking a little food break from PT

Hi Everyone!!

Too cool for school! This was his first time wearing shoes !

All of his favorite toys
Loving on Elmo

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