Thursday, October 3, 2013

First Speech Evaluation

Today Anthony was visited by his first therapist! We are using Easter Seals, and so far we love them :). The therapist came out to do a feeding (speech) evaluation on Anthony. She was looking to see if he was on target for a two month old or not. Thankfully she was thrilled with how amazing Anthony was eating and using the muscles in his face! She kept calling him an "all-star"! We love to hear that, because of course Joe and I think that our baby is the absolute best at everything he does, so it is nice to hear that from a professional too. She was happily surprised by what he was doing! So, that means that as of now he does not need to receive weekly speech therapy. She is going to come back out in four weeks to assess him again and check up. We were given some exercises to do with Anthony daily to help him improve even more. If you want to check out the videos of her showing us the exercises you can either click the links below, or click the play button in the right corner of my blog. That button brings you to my you tube account where I post videos of Anthony often :).

VIDEO 1 : speech exercises
VIDEO 2: speech exercises

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