Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Down syndrome awareness month

My family showing support for DS with our loom bracelets that the special education class Joe works with made :) 

October is national down syndrome awareness month. To be honest, I never knew about it until Anthony. I just wasn't exposed to it. I feel like DSA month has gotten lost in the shuffle...over shadowed by other disorders and causes. It's not that I am saying other causes are less important, because that is not the case. Down syndrome is just so dear to my heart now because of Anthony, and I want to give it the spot light it deserves. I want to use this month to spread awareness.

It's human nature to be scared of the unknown. My dream is to open my reader's hearts and minds to the world of Down syndrome. When you look at my son I don't want you to see Down syndrome first. I want you to see Anthony for the amazing baby that he is. Don't put any limitations on him because he will grow up to accomplish amazing things if you let him. He continues to grow and show us just how strong he is each and every day. I want to show the world just how " typical" our life is. Anthony is a baby first, and that is exactly how we treat him.

Recently, when I told someone about Anthony having Down syndrome the first thing they responded with was "I am so sorry for you. I know someone that has a son with Down syndrome and I know how challenging they are." This is exactly why I am so happy to be raising awareness, even if I open just one person's eyes it will have been worth it. I would never want someone to feel "sorry" for me and my life. That seems to imply that my life is sad in some way. That couldn't be further from the truth. My life is full of happiness and love and it is all because of Anthony. I wouldn't change him for the world...but I hope that we can change the world for him.

So what can you do to help raise awareness? Well, you've already taken the first step. You've taken time out of your day to read my blog and learn more about raising a child with Down syndrome. Spread the word and we can reach even more people.

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