Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Christmas "Birthday"

My little nugget turned 5 months old on Christmas day! He sure is getting big fast!

Date: 12/25/2013

Age: 5 Months

Weight: 15 lbs 8 oz

Height: 26 ½ inches

Head Circ.: 41 cm

Eating: He eats 3-4 oz mixed with equal parts oatmeal cereal every 2-3 hours. He also eats pear and prune baby food three times a day.

Sleep: Still the best night time sleeper (9pm-7am), but he does not nap as frequently throughout the day

Likes: His “laptop”, rolling over, laughing, having baby conversations, standing on our legs, grabbing faces and yelling, sleeping in our arms

Dislikes: always being stuffy, his new way of eating only one ounce at a time (he isn’t very patient when waiting for the next bottle), naps

Milestones: Rolling over, standing with assistance, talking more

Oh no big deal guys.. I'm just old enough to use the arm rest now

...muah.. you're my favorite owl, shhh don't tell the elf!

umm... oh shoot...did you guys hear that? 

AHH I'm five months old!! 

just hanging out, being a big boy 

Dad, I'm five months old.. see my sticker? 

Christmas was so much fun with Anthony! I'm sure with each year it will be even more exciting. I have always loved Christmas, and this time of year. But, it is true that as you get older Christmas starts to lose its magic. Having Anthony really makes the holiday fun again, with starting new traditions and turning everyone around him back into a kid who believes in the spirit of Christmas. 

Splitting time with each family during Christmas is difficult, especially with a new baby that everyone wants to spoil. Joe and I felt like we were constantly on the move! (I must say I am proud at how close we are getting to actually leaving the house on time now... we're pretty good with knowing what needs to get packed/ready so we can get going) Even though I was so tired from traveling to each family, I still had an amazing Christmas. Regardless of how tired I was, I would do it all again in a heartbeat because that is what this time of year is all about... Family!! It warms my heart to see all of the love that surrounds Anthony. He is such a lucky boy to have all of these wonderful people that love him so much. 

Along with all of that love comes tons and tons of spoiling! I think we might need a bigger house after this Christmas.... we are running out of places to put all of his toys. 

We also revealed Anthony's God Parents! My sister and Joe's brother! We couldn't have picked two better people to guide Anthony through life! Love you both! 

My side of the family with Anthony (My dad as Santa)

Our best present this year! I love my family

Grandpop and Grammy 

Joe's side of the family with Anthony

Beep Beep! Watch out world, Anthony is hitting the streets! 

Ahh!! Girl cooties!!

 Opening presents with Mimi, Poppy and Aunt Lauran

Presents with the Mangos

such a little gentleman in his Christmas sweater 

a pro at holding up his head

having fun with Mom Mom and Pop Pop

Hanging out with my Mimi and Poppy

Second Christmas married, and it was the best one yet 

Hey, yo! Joy to all!

My all time favorite picture of Anthony

little ham

our best christmas present! 

"Mom, can I eat this light? No? Too bad mommy I am going to anyway"

My amazing family 

Merry Christmas to all love Santa and his best helper

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