Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas

I have really been slacking lately with the frequent posts! Sorry! It has been so crazy around our house, and I don't think we ever have a free second. Well, okay... I lie.. sometimes we do have a free second but that is when we like to spend family time together and play with the nugget! 

I have always loved this holiday season, and couldn't wait to experience it with Anthony. But, it actually has been pretty stressful. December seems to be jam-packed with places to be and people to see. I wish time could just slow down so we could enjoy snuggling under a blanket as a family, by the fire, with hot chocolate listening to Christmas music. Even though we have been non-stop since Thanksgiving, we still have moments as a family that bring me back to what I love most about this season. It's a season filled with love, family, friends, traditions, and warmth. Now, when I say warmth I most certainly do not mean the weather. I can not believe that it is not even winter yet, and we already have more snow than all of last year's snow combined! 

What have we been up to?


Thanksgiving was a success, a long day... but a lot of fun. Joe comes from an Italian family that eats very early, so we were lucky that we could make it to two "dinners". We went to Joe's family for a lunch/dinner and then headed over the bridge to celebrate with my family. There was SO much to be thankful for this year.
 I am so lucky to be blessed with an amazing husband, and most of all for Anthony. We have all been through so much in 4 short months. Our lives have changed more than we could have ever imagined, but Anthony has brought us so much happiness and joy. I am so thankful that he is a part of our family and is healthy, I am thankful for my husband that works so hard to keep a roof over our heads and food in the pantry, I am thankful to work in a school that makes it easier to leave Anthony all day because the staff is so wonderful, I am so so thankful for all of the support and love we receive from our families and friends everyday. 
My cute little turkey!

Anthony had physical therapy. He usually does a fantastic job, but that day he was super tired and I had to wake him up out of a deep sleep to do pt work. Lets just say he was not a happy camper. Luckily we have a great therapist that understood, and worked around Anthony's cranky fits. He did a good job considering! He is SO close to rolling over on his own. If we tap his leg or tickle his back a little, he will grunt and roll himself over. I am just waiting for the moment when he initiates the roll himself! That is when I will consider it a true milestone. 

He had his four month check-up at the doctors, I drug Joe along this time because I hated doing the two month appointment alone! Anthony took these shots like a champ! He was a little ham and did all of his best "tricks" for the doctor, she was so impressed with his progress! When he was weighed and measured we checked the charts and here is how he stacks up: Anthony is 50% for both height and weight on the "typical" scale. He is in the 90th percentile for height and 75th for weight on the Down Syndrome scale. Go Anthony!

He loves the paper at the doctors office! Such a happy boy! 

He had his Speech or "feeding" therapist come. Recently I have been a little concerned with how "liquidy" sounding Anthony is in his throat when he eats. It is almost as if he cant clear his throat and the milk is still in there. He also has been spitting up a lot more than usual. I wasn't sure if it related at all to his cold, or if it was a feeding problem. The therapist recommended that we add oatmeal cereal to his milk to thicken it up so he doesn't try to drink it so fast. So, off to the grocery store we went! What a big boy eating oatmeal in his milk now. We also set up something called a modified Barium Swallow Study that he is getting done next week. They will put something into his milk, and take an X-Ray of his throat/stomach as he eats to make sure that it isn't going in places it shouldn't. Hopefully we figure this all out soon! For now, the oatmeal seems to really help with decreasing the spit up and liquid sound. 

We went to get Anthony's first Christmas tree this past weekend. We went to three different tree places, yes three! Finally we found a tree that fit our budget friendly wallet. Trees seemed to be very expensive this year.

This weekend brought Anthony's first snow storm! I love watching the snow cover the ground and streets like a big white blanket. Everything seems so fresh and beautiful. We were on our way to go take a picture with Santa, and were caught off guard with how quickly the snow was covering the streets. We decided to stay home and enjoy the day, and save Santa for another time. 

 VIDEO- Picking out our christmas tree

VIDEO- Anthony "MTV Cribs" Christmas edition

Have  a good night everyone! 


  1. Caroline A Oliva McGladeDecember 11, 2013 at 8:50 AM

    Once again...Absolutely Beautiful!!! God Bless

  2. Anthony is so adorable. I love reading your updates :) Have a wonderful 1st Christmas with Anthony.